How to look great on the beach

  • Prepare your skin:Fake-tan-compositeA nice glowing skin makes everything better, if you are one of those blessed with a lovely tanned skin, then, not need to worry…if you’re not, run to your nearest Boots and get some good quality body exfoliator and self-tan for that much needed sun kissed look, there’s plenty of good brands around!


  • Be good to yourself:

Get your body beach ready by avoiding or cut down completely processed foods, sugars, carb and salt and drink lots of water…avoiding these types of foods and staying hydrated one week prior to your departure will ensure that you’ll be bloat-free by the time you hit the beach.

  • Mani/Pedi:

manicure-pedicure_0Make sure you have some ‘me’ time the day before your trip and book yourself a professional mani/pedi, then bring your polish to do your own nails once you get there, if you get gel manicure, it should last longer, so no need to bring your own polish equals more time for reading a good book and drinking cocktails by the pool!


  • High end Swimwear:

Aphrodite Swimsuit


We’ve got that covered! A good piece of swimwear is essential on your hols and a good excuse to go shopping! The right piece will make you feel sexy and confident.

Choose a colour and shape that goes with your complexion and body type, check our ‘Shop for your Bodyshape’ section to be clear on what suit you best


  • Accesories:                                                                                                                                                      IMG_1008                                                                                                                                                               Remember, less is more, particularly when it comes to accessorise on the beach…keep your accessories at a minimum, choose a nice cover-up and a hat. Wear thin, gold chains, layer up few bracelets and you’re ready to go! Too many accessories will look like you’re trying too hard.                                                                                                   Check our accessories’ gallery for inspiration:


  • Sunscreen:

If your skin is burned and peeling, all the prep work on your skin will be wasted , very  pale skin that burns easily should get sunscreen that’s SPF 30 or higher, darker or very dark skin are fine with regular SPF 15 sunscreen.



  • Play attention to your hair:


Some people adore their hair after swimming in the ocean while others absolutely hate it! What is good for all is to have your hair in top condition before going on your break. Make sure you have a deep conditioning hair mask just before you travel  and keep conditioning your hair throughout your holidays, your hair will definitely thank you for it!

Braids, wavy messy hair or sleek buns hairstyles, they’re all good at the beach, take a ‘everything goes’ attitude and enjoy your time away!



  • Sarong:



A good sarong or kaftan can be your BFF on the beach, check out our new Hamman towels which double as a sarong, throw or even a picnic blanket!,%20Accessories,%20towels,%20sarongs


  • You’re ready to go!!